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TorqKing™ Collar

TorqKing Collars are an innovative, simple design with a significant advantage

When a full string of TorqKing Collars† are used and torqued properly with the rig tubing tongs, you can eliminate the need for a no-turn tool or torque rings.

TorqKing Collars reduce the risk of catching on a pinched torque ring during a coil job up where a coil may hang up. TorqKing Collars also reduce rig time costs, as the rig crew is able to make up the collar using the tubing tongs directly on the collar, eliminating the need to install torque rings on site. The TorqKing has an upset area to allow the tubing tongs to be used to make up the pipe connections. During make up with a conventional EUE collar there is a greater risk of crimping or severely damaging the collar which creates a potential for tubing backing off, a leak point in the string, and having to scrap the collar.


Product Description


• UHMW plastic insert reduces potential rod wear by keeping the rod off of the tubing wall
• Stronger, more robust design than a conventional EUE tubing collar
• Multiple material grades available to suit customer needs
• Industry leading thread treatment for prolonged run life
• Beveled edges on bottom and top to ensure collar slides past casing patches or other casing issues

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