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ToughTorq™ AP Shear Coupling

Innovative, all-purpose shear coupling designed for BOTH reciprocating and PCP

Shear couplings are used to reliably separate the rod string from the bottom hole assembly when a pump seizes or rods get stuck. This prevents the costly and environmentally unfriendly process of pulling tubing and rods out simultaneously.

The ToughTorq™ AP shear coupling was designed for high performance in both reciprocating and rotating applications. Plainsman, leaders in shear innovation, have designed an all-purpose shear coupling that combines many of the trusted features of our standard ToughTorq™ with technology that further reduces bending and axial fatigue failures. The ToughTorq™ AP also includes a proprietary internal shear mechanism eliminating the need for pins.


Product Description

• Proven significantly better in bending than all shears on the market
• Extensive rotating bending and axial fatigue lab testing
• Innovative, patent-pending shear technology
• Well suited for PCP or Reciprocating applications
• Flex groove on OD makes whole shear more flexible, therefore less stress from bending
• Larger multi-face key improves torque capabilities
• Preloading from the bolt isolates shear nut from large alternating loads which cause fatigue failures
• Proprietary internal shear has no pins, is isolated from bending, and eliminates internal wear
• All parts are internal, protected from corrosive production fluids
• Slim hole diameter

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