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Tubing Drains

Tubing drains allow you to reliably drain the production tubing before pulling out of a hole. This prevents the process of pulling wet tubing, which is difficult and not environmentally friendly. Once on a surface, the tubing drain can be redressed for future use.

When installing the tubing drain, it is recommended to place the drain one or two joints above the top end of the pump. The tubing drain works off of pressure activation. You can change the shearing rating of the tubing drain by adding or removing shear screws. Once the screws shear, the sliding sleeve drops down and allows the production fluid to drain out.

Tubing drains can be activated by pressure at the surface to circulate the debris or solids from the packer or anchor and around equipment. It provides a positive way of releasing and/or circulating the fluid from within the tubing string without mechanical manipulation.

At Plainsman Manufacturing, we manufacture and distribute products for oilfield production, pipeline maintenance, construction and gas and water distribution.  We are always looking for new and better products to match our customer’s needs and the demands of the industry.


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SafetyTorq™ Tubing Drain

The patented SafetyTorq tubing drain was designed with rapid well installation and works over in mind without neglecting life cycle costs of operating a well.

This tubing drain can be easily installed with power tongs without the fear of damaging the tubing drain. This enhances safety by eliminating the need for manual wrenches and snipes to ensure proper make-up torque is achieved every time.


  • Available for both standard and high temperature applications
  • Compact design allows rapid installation with power tongs
  • Torque ring compatible when no-turn tools aren’t run
  • Suitable for horizontal applications
  • Larger sleeve shoulder prevents sleeve from contacting the casing
  • Industry leading thread treatment for prolonged run life
  • Viton seals standard — others available upon request
  • Calibrated brass shear screws provide consistent shear values and reduce wear on steel parts, permitting multiple reuses
  • All components precisely manufactured in ISO 9001 environment
  • Multiple rebuilds allowed, reducing total cost of ownership
  • Pin by Pin construction


Type SB™ Tubing Drain

Type SB Tubing drain allows you to reliably drain the production tubing before putting out of a hole. Features of the Type SB Tubing Drain:

  • Industry standard, economical design
  • Viton seals standard (back-up rings not required)
  • Brass screws provide consistent and accurate shear values while reducing wear on steel parts, permitting reuse
  • Beveled edges on bottom and top to ensure drain slides past casing patches or other casing issues
  • Multiple rebuilds allowed, reducing total cost of ownership
  • Torque ring compatible


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Tubing Drain Application

During the production phase of oil and gas wells, it is necessary to place equipment downhole to facilitate or improve the production operation.

Tubing transports the oil and gas from deep in the well to the surface. Pumps are needed to bring the fluids to the surface.

There are different types of tubing drains:

  • Rotating- commonly used in conjunction with a rotating anchor and must have a backup to actuate them in the hole.
  • Drop Bar– a bar is dropped down the tubing string from the surface to shear a plug type device
  • Shear Pin– provide the resistance to applied pressure or mechanical manipulations.
  • Pressure Relief– pressure is applied to a predetermined amount to open the device.


Why Pumps Fail

When operating any type of downhole equipment, there is always the possibility of having to pull a wet tubing due to malfunctioning equipment or stuck tubing.

Shut downs can result when sand, paraffin, corrosion, and other solid debris settle around the downhole equipment and the casing and tubing wall cause equipment malfunctions. This can result in a loss of production, with the pump unable to restart due to blockage. Systems will then require pulling in order to be released and resume production.

It is costly to fix this and operators should be aware of this situation and prepare for them. Unnecessary down time, safety issues and environmental concerns are results of not being prepared.

Rotating, drop bar and shear pin drain devices are helpless when the tubing is stuck. Having a tubing drain installed properly will drain the tubing from being stuck.

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