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WireTorq Shear Coupling

WireTorq™ Shear Couplings Are Ideal For Improving PCP Performance In Problem Wells

Shear couplings are used to reliably separate the rod string from the bottom hole assembly when the pump
seizes or the rod gets stuck.

The WireTorq™ Shear Coupling is an innovative solution to enhance shear coupling run life in challenging
applications such as horizontal PCP wells with some dogleg severity. This downhole tool decouples
bending and torsional forces from the shearing mechanism to improve the overall fatigue life.


Product Description


• Increased flexibility in torsional direction should improve fatigue
life in challenging PCP applications
• Integrated torque transmitting key with large bearing surface
• Box by Box ends assemble easily with sucker rod
• ISO 9001 ensures full material and manufacturing traceability
• Threads are formed (cold rolled), not cut, conforming to API 11B
• Compact design
• Patent pending

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