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SafetyTorq™ Tubing Drain

Tubing drains allow you to reliably drain the production tubing prior to pulling out of hole. This prevents the difficult and environmentally unfriendly process of pulling wet tubing. Once on surface, the tubing drain can be redressed for future use†.The patented SafetyTorq™ Tubing Drain was designed with rapid well installation and work over in mind without neglecting life cycle costs of operating a well. This tubing drain can be easily installed with power tongs without fear of damaging the tubing drain. This enhances safety by eliminating the need for manual wrenches and snipes and ensuring proper make-up torque is achieved every time.


Product Description

• Available for both standard and high temperature applications
• Compact design allows rapid installation with power tongs
• Torque ring compatible when no-turn tools aren’t run
• Suitable for horizontal applications
• Larger sleeve shoulder prevents sleeve from contacting the casing
• Industry leading thread treatment for prolonged run life
• Viton seals standard — others available upon request
• Calibrated brass shear screws provide consistent shear values and
reduce wear on steel parts, permitting multiple reuse
• All components precisely manufactured in ISO 9001 environment
• Multiple rebuilds allowed, reducing total cost of ownership
• Pin by Pin construction

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