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Reciprocating Style (DogBone) Shear Coupling

Ideal For Reciprocating Application In Problem Wells
The Reciprocating Style DogBone Shear Coupling has been designed for reciprocating applications. It contains an engineered threaded joint that will break when the specified axial load is applied. The joint is pre-stressed to maximize fatigue resistance and prevent premature failure of the shear coupling.

Shear Couplings are used to reliably separate the rod string from the bottom hole assembly when the rod gets stuck. This prevents the costly and environmentally unfriendly process of pulling tubing and rods out simultaneously.


Product Description


• Designed for reciprocating applications
• Full size and slim hole models available
• Protects rod string from yielding or parting due to overload conditions while freeing stuck pumps
• Designed to withstand cyclical compressive loading without shearing prematurely
• Shear is preloaded during assembly to prevent fatigue failure while in service
• Strong, reliable roll-formed box and pin end threads (adheres to API Specification 11B)
• Custom coupling design and manufacturing available
• Box by box construction

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