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Polyethylene Casing Insulators

Polyethylene Casing Insulators for all your pipe insulation needs.







Product Description


  • Injection molded, virgin high density polyethylene
  • Low friction, high abrasion resistance allows the carrier pipe to slide easily and free of damage into the casing pipe.
  • Low moisture absorption and high insulating value of polyethylene electrically insulates the carrier and pipe and protects it from electrical current induced corrosion
  • Pipe size range from 2″ to 48″
  • Custom extended runner heights available to 2-1/2″

Technical Specifications

  • Dielectric Strength 450-500 Volts/Mil
  • Compressive Strength 3200 psi
  • Tensile Strength 3100-5100 psi
  • Water Absorption <0.01%

Max Operating Temperature

  • 225*F

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