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Horizon HD Pump

Horizon HD Pumps are an economical alternative to an explosion proof electric pump. Differing from conventional pumps, these pumps are powered by hydraulic pistons. The hydraulic power is supplied by the oil pump on the power unit engine and discharged back into the oil pan for zero emissions. It can also be driven by a hydraulic system, if available.


Product Description


  • Oil or hydraulic fluid driven
  • Economical alternative to explosion proof electric pump
  • Closed loop oil circuit means zero emissions
  • 100 psi max supply pressure
  • 10 to 50 psi differential pressures
  • Proven Arrow fluid end and Plainsman Micro Valve
  • Inject up to 9 gallons (35 L) per day
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Single head or dual head
  • Temperature range from -30˚C to 150˚C

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