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HiLo-Matic Pressure Pilot

HiLo-Matic Pressure Pilot is a two position, three-way valve that reliably reacts to pressure input from pipeline. It is used in conjunction with a hydraulic controller and an actuator/valve combination to provide unmanned emergency shutdown of a pipeline in cases of over or under pressure. Pressure limits can be set for Low/High or Low only or High only.

The Pressure Pilot can be supplied alone for retrofit applications or in conjunction with a hydraulic controller, actuator, and valve to round out a complete emergency shutdown system.


Product Description



  • Pressure set-points available between 30-2300 PSI
  • Maximum working pressure: 5000 PSIG (340 bar)
  • Maximum instrumentation pressure: 150 PSIG (10 bar)
  • Compatible with oil/gas/air instrumentation
  • Meets the requirements for NACE MR0175/ISO 15156-1CRN:0F9864.2


  • Minimum deadband
  • Reliable/low maintenance
  • Bubble tight design
  • Block and Bleed design
  • Safety vent/seal indicator
  • Severe duty
  • Wrench flats/knurling
  • Easy installation/operation
  • Factory set, yet field adjustable
  • All aluminum and stainless steel construction
  • Readily available spares/support
  • Compatible with most existing ESD systems

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