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Drum Gauge

Drum Gauges are the simplest and most effective way to meter chemicals. The Plainsman Drum Gauges come calibrated for rate and volume on 55 gallon drums. Choose from a plain P596 gauge or a P779 with a built-in rate testing valve.


Product Description

P596 & P779 Drum Gauge Standard Features 

  • Designed for Horizontal 55 Gallon Drum
  • 3/4″ NPT inlet, 1/4″ NPT outlet
  • retaining pin hole not drilled through the front o casting to protect operator from overflow spill or spray.
  • Special seal used in critical seal area instead of o-ring for better seal and longer glass life.
  • Cast aluminum frame is dual calibrated and serves as a volume and rate gauge
  • Optional vent connection
  • Floating Sight ball for easy fluid level indication

P596 Drum Gauge Only

  • Optional stainless steel nipple

P779 Drum Gauge Only

  • Complete with spring loaded test valve for rate tests
  • Optional stainless steel valve
  • Optional extra long valve
  • Teflon seals in valve

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