Polished Rod Clamps

High quality, High strength, yet a light weight and easy to use clamp. 

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Classified in our for Wellsite & Production Products, download the product PDF for detailed specifications and order information. 

Polished Rod Clamp Features
  • Indentation style
  • Forged steel construction for high strength
  • Precision machined parallel faces and perpendicular rod bore
  • Hard black coating
  • Industry leading clamping capacity
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Get the Right Tools For Oilfield Production
Tank Gauge

Our Tank Gauge allows for the simplest and most effective way to meter chemicals. 

Chemical Injection Pump
The Arrow 430 Series

The 430 series utilizes electric morons, v-belt, pneumatic motors or gasoline engines as a power source. 

Made in Canada

Available in single, double, and triple bolt sizes to handle every well application. Now made with 20% more holding power thanks to a proprietary hard coating that provides abrasion and corrosion resistance to maximize life.

polished rod clamps e
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