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Pipeline Work to Resume in August

The work on the Trans Mountain pipeline will resume in August 2018 to prepare a route for the expansion of the pipeline. Work was suspended by Kinder Morgan in April due to disputes between the Alberta and British Columbia governments

In late May, the federal government bought the $4.5 billion pipeline to ensure that it got built, but the Liberal Government doesn’t plan on being the long-term owners of the pipeline.

The project’s aim is to expand an existing Trans Mountain pipe line from Edmonton to the British Columbia coast to allow an increase of oil from Alberta to be shipped to foreign markets. Given the oil price discounts Alberta must swallow due to pipeline bottlenecks and the lack of access to markets outside the United States, the pipeline is critical.

But the British Columbian government, environmental activists and some Indigenous groups have been opposed to it, causing tension between Albert and British Columbia.

Ian Anderson, the head of Kinder Morgan Canada says that the company will secure, survey and prepare the right-of-way in the coming months, and First Nations will monitor the work in order to look for traditional artifacts and medicines.

This means that they anticipate laying physical pipe in a “prepared, surveyed, environmentally protected right-of-way”.

The completion date of the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion is said to be announced later.

Anderson says that the most important thing for him is to get started to demonstrate to Canadians and to his prospective new owners that this project can be executed in a manner that serves the interests of everybody.

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Plainsman is 50!

Thank you all for joining us for our 50th anniversary celebration that we held during our 16th annual Turkey Fry and open house.  We appreciate everyone’s support!

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Plainsman HiLo-Matic™ Stick Pilot


The Plainsman Stick Pilot adds to our Safety Shutdown Systems  product line as the fourth product we offer for Emergency Shutdown Systems. The Plainsman Stick Pilot can cover pressure  variance in a emergency shutdown system from 10 to 10,000psi and has interchangeable piston arrangements to achieve different  pressure ranges.

To learn more about our product click here.

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Plainsman’s Commitment to Operational Excellence

All departments at Plainsman Manufacturing are open to new ideas; more importantly, on-going learning. That is why we had our V.P. of Operations, Mark Lea-Wilson, visit Ontario-based manufacturing facilities to find out how Plainsman can improve it’s internal processes.

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Plainsman Manufacturing

2014 Plainsman Product Catalog

Our product lines are categorized into five main areas:

  • Chemical Injection Pumps & Accessories
  • Downhole Accessories
  • Wellsite & Production
  • Gas Utilities & Water Distribution
  • Pipeline & Pigging
  • Safety Shutdown Systems

Please download the newest copy of our product catalog to find out more about our products!

To Download Product Catalog PDF: Click here

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Energy & Mining Article

Plainsman Featured in Energy and Mining International

Since 1966, the name “Plainsman” has been synonymous with one-stop distribution for products related to the heavy oil industry of Western Canada. However, the Edmonton-based “supply store to the supply store network in Western Canada” – as General Manager Mike Kittlitz describes his company – has made a major push into the manufacturing business over the last 15 years.

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